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This is a list of the Volusia County Law Library’s Print & Audio/Visual resources by legal topic/subject heading and location. An (X) denotes where a resource is located and a (-) indicates the resource is not available at that location. Some resources listed here are not current. Please contact the law library for additional information.

Featured Title

Spoliation of Evidence: Sanctions and Remedies for Destruction of Evidence in Civil Litigation, Third Edition, ABA

By Margaret M. Koesel and Tracey L. Turnbull

Spoliation of Evidence helps resolve problems involved with the destruction of evidence. Whether representing parties to litigation, or counseling clients who want to avoid litigation, at some point most lawyers will face issues involving the destruction of evidence. This book serves as a guide for the litigation practitioner faced with the loss of evidence in a civil suit in a state or federal court.

Among other key topics, the book covers:

  • Record keeping obligations
  • The duty to preserve evidence
  • Independent causes of action for the destruction of evidence
  • Available sanctions and other remedies for spoliation
  • Criminal sanctions for spoliation
  • Developing spoliation law in state civil and federal courts

Checklists of practical tips can be found at the end of each substantive chapter. Additionally, an annotated bibliography of treatises, law review articles and practical publications on spoliation and a table of cases and index are included.

Electronic Resources

Many legal research tools are available on the Law Library's computer desktops. Westlaw is available in the Daytona Beach and DeLand branches; Legal research workstations in the Deltona, New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach Public Libraries provide access to Westlaw Next. Florida Law Weekly, Florida Probate and Guardianship forms, Family Law forms, Small Claims information and many other legal resources are available.


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