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Florida Courts

Supreme Court - Official Site of the Florida Supreme Court.
District Courts of Appeal - Florida District Courts of Appeal
Circuit Courts - Florida Circuit Courts including the counties which make up each circuit.
County Courts - Brief description of the Florida County Courts and a list of Florida counties including the associated county seats.
Florida Rules of Court - Florida Rules of Court.

Florida Executive, Legislative & Administrative

Governor - The Florida Governor's web page.
Legislature - Florida Constitution & Statutes; Link to pending Bill information.
Administrative - Florida Administrative Weekly & Florida Administrative Code.
State Agencies - State Administrative Agencies - Find a State Agency Link.
Florida Attorney General Opinions - Searchable Florida Attorney General Opinions.

Local Governments, Ordinances, & Florida Cities

Florida League of Cities - Florida League of Cities, Inc.
FLC - Florida City Links - Individual Florida Cities'
County and City Ordinances - Municipal Codes by State - Free Resources Links to online codes.
Volusia County Government - Volusia County Government Web Site.

Federal Courts

U. S. Supreme Court - Official Site of the U.S. Supreme Court.
U. S. Circuit Courts - Opinions of the U.S. Circuit Courts.
U. S. District Courts - Local District Court rules (Some District Court links include opinions of the court).
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - (Middle District of Florida) - Local Bankruptcy Court rules (Some links include court opinions).
U.S. Bankruptcy Forms -  Official forms for filing bankruptcy in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Federal Executive, Legislative & Administrative

Code of Federal Regulation -  Code of Federal Regulation - Full text with access to specific field searches.

Federal Register - The Federal Register is the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents
Library of Congress - Library of Congress - access to federal legislative information.
Social Security - Official Social Security web site 

The White House - Executive Branch, Executive Orders, etc.  

U. S. Citizenship & Immigration Services - Citizenship & Immigration Forms, etc.
U. S. Congress - Link to U.S. Congressional web site - access contact information for federal legislators, pending federal legislation, the congressional record, and U.S. founding documents (bill of rights, constitution, federalist papers, etc.),etc.
U. S. Legislative & Federal Agencies - Various State and Federal Courts, Administrative agencies, U.S. Code & C.F.R., and link to information for US Passport application.  

Topical Legal Forms

Family Law Forms - Florida Supreme Court approved Family Law Forms - Link to Self Help Center and Family Law Forms.
Expunge/Seal Application - FDLE site - documents required for expungement or sealing of records.
Legal Forms - General Law Practice forms.
Legal Forms - Washburn University School of Law - Links to law forms and legal directories.
Legal Forms - The Law Smart Library for Legal Forms, Documents, and Videos.
Tax Forms - Forms and Publications of the IRS.

Legal Sites

Cornell University - Legal materials from all 50 states. Find a local attorney.
Florida Bankruptcy Laws and General Information - Florida Bankruptcy overview including a list of state exemptions, a description of the bankruptcy process, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Florida Law Help -  Choose a topic to find resources including general information, your legal rights, the law and the courts, legal forms and more….

Florida State University College of Law - Appellate Briefs filed in the Florida Supreme Court.

Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress.
Washburn University School of Law - State & Federal Courts; Access to International Law; various Law Libraries' catalogs & legal indexes; Law Schools, and Law Firms.

Local Links

7th Circuit Court - 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida.
7th Circuit Court Administrative Orders - Administrative Orders of the 7th Circuit of Florida.
Volusia County Clerk of Court - Clerk of the Court for the 7th Circuit of Florida.
Volusia County Public Library - Volusia County Public Library.
Stetson University
Stetson Government Documents Resources
Marchman Act & Baker Act - Information about Baker & Marchman Acts.
Daytona State College
Volusia County Government - Volusia County Government home page.
Volusia County Bar Association - Local bar association.
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida - Legal aid 

Bar Associations & Legal Directories

American Bar Association - American Bar Association (ABA Members, Legal Community and Public Info.).
Florida Bar - Florida Bar web page (Links to additional legal resources).
Volusia County Bar Association - Volusia County Bar Association and access to other excellent legal resource links.
Lawyers.com - Locate a lawyer by area of practice or location; Link to 'ask a lawyer' and tips on hiring an attorney.
Martindale-Hubbell - Martindale-Hubbell home page, links to locate a lawyer by area of practice or location.

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