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Florida Courts

Supreme Court - Official Site of the Florida Supreme Court.
District Courts of Appeal - Florida District Courts of Appeal
Circuit Courts - Florida Circuit Courts including the counties which make up each circuit.
County Courts - Brief description of the Florida County Courts and a list of Florida counties including the associated county seats.
Florida Rules of Court - Florida Rules of Court.

Florida Executive, Legislative & Administrative

Governor - The Florida Governor's web page.
Legislature - Florida Constitution & Statutes; Link to pending Bill information.
Administrative - Florida Administrative Weekly & Florida Administrative Code.
State Agencies - State Administrative Agencies - Find a State Agency Link.
Florida Attorney General Opinions - Searchable Florida Attorney General Opinions.

Local Governments, Ordinances, & Florida Cities

Florida League of Cities - Florida League of Cities, Inc.
FLC - Florida City Links - Individual Florida Cities'
County and City Ordinances - Municipal Codes by State - Free Resources Links to online codes.
Volusia County Government - Volusia County Government Web Site.

Federal Courts

U. S. Supreme Court - Official Site of the U.S. Supreme Court.
U. S. Circuit Courts - Opinions of the U.S. Circuit Courts.
U. S. District Courts - Local District Court rules (Some District Court links include opinions of the court).
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - (Middle District of Florida) - Local Bankruptcy Court rules (Some links include court opinions).
U.S. Bankruptcy Forms -  Official forms for filing bankruptcy in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Federal Executive, Legislative & Administrative

The White House - Executive Branch, Executive Orders, etc. 

U. S. Legislative & Federal Agencies - Various State and Federal Courts, Administrative agencies, U.S. Code & C.F.R., and link to information for US Passport application. 
Code of Federal Regulation -  Code of Federal Regulation - Full text with access to specific field searches.
Library of Congress - Library of Congress - access to federal legislative information.
U. S. Citizenship & Immigration Services - Citizenship & Immigration Forms, etc.
U. S. Congress - Link to U.S. Congressional web site - access contact information for federal legislators, pending federal legislation, the congressional record, and U.S. founding documents (bill of rights, constitution, federalist papers, etc.),etc.

Topical Legal Forms

Family Law Forms - Florida Supreme Court approved Family Law Forms - Link to Self Help Center and Family Law Forms.
Expunge/Seal Application - FDLE site - documents required for expungement or sealing of records.
Legal Forms - General Law Practice forms.
Legal Forms - Washburn University School of Law - Links to law forms and legal directories.
Legal Forms - The Law Smart Library for Legal Forms, Documents, and Videos.
Tax Forms - Forms and Publications of the IRS.

Legal Sites

Cornell University - Legal materials from all 50 states. Find a local attorney.
Florida Bankruptcy Laws and General Information - Florida Bankruptcy overview including a list of state exemptions, a description of the bankruptcy process, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Florida State University College of Law - Appellate Briefs filed in the Florida Supreme Court.

Library of Congress - Law Library of Congress.
Washburn University School of Law - State & Federal Courts; Access to International Law; various Law Libraries' catalogs & legal indexes; Law Schools, and Law Firms.

Local Links

7th Circuit Court - 7th Judicial Circuit of Florida.
7th Circuit Court Administrative Orders - Administrative Orders of the 7th Circuit of Florida.
Volusia County Clerk of Court - Clerk of the Court for the 7th Circuit of Florida.
Volusia County Public Library - Volusia County Public Library.
Stetson University
Stetson Government Documents Resources
Marchman Act & Baker Act - Information about Baker & Marchman Acts.
Daytona State College
Volusia County Government - Volusia County Government home page.
Volusia County Bar Association - Local bar association.
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida - Legal aid 

Bar Associations & Legal Directories

American Bar Association - American Bar Association (ABA Members, Legal Community and Public Info.).
Florida Bar - Florida Bar web page (Links to additional legal resources).
Volusia County Bar Association - Volusia County Bar Association and access to other excellent legal resource links.
Lawyers.com - Locate a lawyer by area of practice or location; Link to 'ask a lawyer' and tips on hiring an attorney.
Martindale-Hubbell - Martindale-Hubbell home page, links to locate a lawyer by area of practice or location.

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