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Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida Self-Help Packets and Forms

For more information, call Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. at 386-255-6573.

Packets may be purchased at the Daytona and DeLand Branches.
Volusia County Law Library accepts cash and credit cards on packet transactions.


Packet # Package Name Price


10 Petition for Divorce (No Issues) $10.00
12 Uncontested Divorce With Publication $20.00
14 Petition for Divorce With Minor Children $25.00
16 Petition For Divorce No Minor Children $20.00
17 Handling A Contested Divorce $30.00


22 Modification of Child Support Family Law Judgments $25.00
23 Motion To Suspend Child Support $10.00

Motion To Terminate Child Support

31 Enforcement of Child Support Orders $10.00


25 Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member $15.00



Uncontested Modification of Family Law Judgments



 Modification of Family Law Judgments



 Handling A Contested Family Law Modification Case




 Change of Name


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