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This is a list of the Volusia County Law Library’s Print & Audio/Visual resources by legal topic/subject heading and location. An (X) denotes where a resource is located and a (-) indicates the resource is not available at that location. Some resources listed here are not current. Please contact the law library for additional information.

Featured Title

Trial Evidence Foundations, James Publishing (New Edition)

Formatted for quick reference, each foundation is tightly covered in three or four pages. Use Mr. Tarantino’s helpful guidance to keep you from overlooking any required foundational elements, and point out when your opponent has. Trial Evidence Foundations provides step-by-step instructions for laying objection-proof foundations. The well-organized format makes it easy to quickly find the information you need.  For each foundation, the book provides:

  • The Rule. A concise statement of the scope, application and rationale of the rule underlying each foundation.
  • Elements. The heart of the book, this section lists each fact which must be established to build a proper foundation.
  • Tactics for the proponent: anticipating and avoiding the possible objections to your foundation, meeting any objections made, alternative admission procedures, expected judicial reactions, and tactics of the opposition.
  • Tactics for the opponent: supporting your objection, alternative arguments, effect on the jury, judicial preferences, and protecting the record.
  • Key cases. The names, citations, facts, and holdings of significant state and federal cases are listed. This section gives you fast, on-the-spot citations for the court.

Electronic Resources

Many legal research tools are available on the Law Library's computer desktops. Westlaw is available in the Daytona Beach and DeLand branches; Legal research workstations in the Deltona, New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach Public Libraries provide access to Westlaw, Florida Law Weekly, Florida Probate and Guardianship forms, Family Law forms, Small Claims information and many other legal resources are available.


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Civil Rights


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Criminal Law-Traffic-DUI

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Legal Research & Writing

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Maritime Law

For details or more current information, please contact the Law Library.


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